Who we are

Our vision

A thought leader in providing long-term savings and investments propositions in our chosen market.


Company background

A leading long-term savings and investment company established since 1999 and committed to Hong Kong and the Asian region.


What we offer

Investment-linked insurance plans

Our investment-linked insurance plan may help you capture market potential and cater for your insurance needs


Health insurance

Enjoy peace of mind for you and your family with extensive health coverage

Peaceful Life

Life insurance

Enjoy more coverage over the things you value in your life with a wide range of options

Perpetual Protector

Help and support

Interest rate

Calculate the interest rate from a range of currencies and dates


Exchange rate

Calculate the exchange rate from a range of currencies and dates


Download hub

Access forms to switch policies, sign up for investments, change personal information


Payment methods

Choose your preferred way to pay for policies, investments, and more



Need more clarity? Read our selected list of questions to guide your understanding


Investment information

Professional investment management

Our investment-linked insurance plans offer a wide range of investment choices linked to underlying funds managed by reputable investment managers


Notice in relation to investment choices

Stay fully informed on your investments with the up-to-date notices



Education series

Gain more understanding about your insurance with our guides, from basic principles to managing investments over the long term


Market watch

Follow trends and get the latest information about various industry sectors and behaviours



A lexicon of insurance-related words to help aid your understanding


Security Policy

Standard Life Asia is committed to providing a secure online environment for our customers. Your personal information and policy records are being protected. To gain access to your personal information in this Website requires valid Login ID and Password. Therefore, you undertake to keep the Login ID and password confidential and secure at all times and agree not to disclose them to any unauthorised person or to use them to provide access to the Password Protected Areas to any unauthorised person. When choosing your Login ID and Password, ensure that both Login ID and Password are unlikely to be known by others. Standard Life Asia will not be liable for any loss you may incur as a result of someone else using your Login ID or Password, either with or without your knowledge.

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If you suspect that your Login ID, Password or personal information have been disclosed to unauthorised person, you are obligated to inform us immediately.

Your Transactions Are Secure

Standard Life Asia adopts GLOBAL SIGN Secure Site Services to enhance the security of your online transactions using our website. Standard Life Asia accepts no responsibility for the operation of the Secure Site Services from GLOBAL SIGN.

Through the use of GLOBAL SIGN Secure Site Services:

  1. You can authenticate or verify this Website so that you can be assured that this Website belongs to Standard Life Asia; and
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Our website's Password Protected Areas protects data over the Internet by using 128-bit SSL encryption, one of the highest levels of protection possible for all Internet communications. It is the industry standard protection method used by most recognised online banks and institutions around the world.

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